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Tales: The BET Series That Give White People A Taste of Police Brutality

Tales premiered tonight on BET and its first episode, F*ck The Police is everything White people need to see. The show begins with an act of police brutality committed against a white teen who was fatally shot by two Black cops. Regardless of the witnesses and evidence that prove the teen's innocence, the two police officers walk free.

Sounds familiar? I bet it does. Tales alludes to the plight Black Americans experience in regards to police relations. Since genesis, Blacks had to endure mistreatment from police officers in where they are harassed, unlawfully detained (jailed), and fatally shot. Using the art of storytelling, producer Irv Gotti reverse roles in where White people are challenged give up their privilege and tie the shoestrings of Black Americans.

Tales Is The Black Experience In America Experienced By Whites

In F*ck The Police there are numerous scenes that expose the mistreatment Black receive from police.

The Police Shooting. A white teen is fatally shot even after co…

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