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About Us


The Sankofa Vibe League (SVL) is an unofficial, non-profit organization based in the United States of America. Our audience is comprised of individuals from all parts of the world with one common mission, Sankofa! a phrase from Ghana that promote the action of Blacks, and even the ones in Africa, embracing their ancestral roots. Along with promoting African culture, Sankofa Vibe is a community centered organization that address social issues (health and racism) in the Black community.

Encourage an appreciation for African culture and address social issues that affect people of afro descent.

Our mission shall be achieved by:
  • Contributing positively toward the improvement of life in Africa and the diaspora through outreach programs that addresses social and cultural issues.
  • Providing an open platform in where African culture is promoted and discussed.
  • Hosting cultural events in the community.
The Sankofa Vibe League was created in response to the mortification Africa received and continue to receive from the West. We aim to combat this action by presenting the best of Africa to the world.

Who We Serve: 
The Sankofa Vibe League is a diasporic organization with supporters from across the globe. We serve people of African descent and individuals from non-African ethnicities who want to learn about African culture.

Introduction To The Pan-Afrikan Movement
Pan-Africanism is a global movement started by the late Honorable Marcus Garvey. It aims to bring awareness about African culture and fight for the advancement of the Black race. It later evolved and made its way into African countries such as Ghana, South Africa, and Nigeria. Leaders of these countries were inspired by the Pan-African movement, and used its philosophies to lead their countries to liberation from colonialism.

Pan-Africanism is not about Black supremacy or afrocentricism. If you witness individuals or organizations do this under pan-Africanism, they are false representatives of the Pan-African movement. Pan-Africanism is simply about cultural embracement and economic, social, and political progress.

Featured Post

Tales: The BET Series That Give White People A Taste of Police Brutality

Tales premiered tonight on BET and its first episode, F*ck The Police is everything White people need to see. The show begins with an act of police brutality committed against a white teen who was fatally shot by two Black cops. Regardless of the witnesses and evidence that prove the teen's innocence, the two police officers walk free.

Sounds familiar? I bet it does. Tales alludes to the plight Black Americans experience in regards to police relations. Since genesis, Blacks had to endure mistreatment from police officers in where they are harassed, unlawfully detained (jailed), and fatally shot. Using the art of storytelling, producer Irv Gotti reverse roles in where White people are challenged give up their privilege and tie the shoestrings of Black Americans.

Tales Is The Black Experience In America Experienced By Whites

In F*ck The Police there are numerous scenes that expose the mistreatment Black receive from police.

The Police Shooting. A white teen is fatally shot even after co…

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