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Trump Is Proof That Christians Will Be The First To Bow Down To The Anti-Christ.

Last year I saw Christian on the conservative/evangelical/republican end elect Trump as president. They believed Trump will rescue America from its ungodliness and re-establish godly principles in America. From glorifying Trump as God sent to thanking Jesus for sending him, this group of Christians mentioned viewed Trump as America's savior.

During election I said to myself, "Christians will be gullible to the anti-Christ whenever it rises." The anti-Christ will appear to Christians as the greatest and most wonderful religious, political, and economic system. This is exactly how Trump appeared to republican Christians. They thought of Trump as a religious figure who will establish "godly" principles in politics. And then there was the economics in where people believed Trump will solve the financial issues of America due to his expertise in business. No doubt, Trump was the perfect man who was viewed as a savior of humanity—America's humanity at least.

I listen to fellow Christians claim they will not bow down to the anti-Christ, but seeing how they bow down to political figures who come to them in the name of Christ, they will have a role in ushering the anti-Christ. Unfortunately Christian's support for Trump caused more harm to the image of God than it will to America.

Have you not seen the amount of disgust people developed for Christianity and God over the past three years? Here we have an individual that is hateful and created a safe space for hateful individuals (neo-Nazis, Alt-right, KKK, etc), yet Christians missed all of that because Trump identified with Christianity. How do you think people will feel about God? Why would people believe in a God who sent such a wicked man to govern the nation? Why associate with people who voted a wicked man into office? This chased people away from God and the church. What irks is how religious folks who ride on their high horses will say, "why let the actions of an individual chase you away from God." Dear Christian, if our actions don't matter why did Jesus put emphasis on being the salt and light of the world?—Matthew 5:13-16

To the individuals wondering how some Christians can support Trump, one word: DECEIVED. Realize a breadth of Christians have been deceived by individuals who parade as sheep. Don't let the actions of deceived Christians result in a hatred for God. God does not stand for the views of Trump. The God I serve stood up for the disenfranchised and warned political leaders: "woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees, to deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people, making widows their prey and robbing the fatherless (Isiah 10).

Christians who elected Trump and other republicans because of their religious stance must recognize their weakness. Their weakness is supporting individuals who appear to them as a Christian. In fact, the only thing a person must do to rise into power is quote scriptures and preach Christ. From there he or she will win the hearts of Christians who hold most of the voting power in America. Trump did exactly that. But today, after seeing the amount of evil Trump incited, can you still say that he is the Christ-like being promoted during election season? I hope not. 


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