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Buzzfeed's Cocoa Butter Is Problematic

It seems like everyone is tapping into spirit of the neo pro-Black movement in where Blackness is embraced. From sharing digital content on social media to rocking the dashiki or African headties, everyone is currently appreciating Black culture.

The pro-Black movement is a wonderful thing. I am not mad because it is the moment we have dreamt of. But yo! I am tired of people especially non-Blacks trying too hard to get down with the movement. This is because they end up doing something ignorant like name a campaign Cocoa Butter or appropriate our culture.

For those of you who don't know, the popular media site Buzzfeed launched a new social media brand called Cocoa Butter. According to Blavity, "Cocoa Butter purpose is to distribute black content to Buzzfeed's audience, an audience that's mostly made up of white millennials." There is nothing wrong in what Buzzfeed is trying to accomplish, but Cocoa Butter? Really? I don't know who is part of Buzzfeed's creative team but the name should have been thought out.

Dubbing a campaign Cocoa Butter is problematic because it projects a stereotypical idea of Black people. It suggest that every Black person loves and uses cocoa butter which is not true. It like naming a blackcentric social media page kool-aid or watermelon which we know are racially offensive slurs. Heck, I'm sure these words came up when deciding what to name this campaign, but someone at Buzzfeed knew better. To then turn around and get slick with the word Cocoa Butter is indeed wrong. White people wouldn't like it if an eurocentric campaign initiated by Black people was dubbed cracker jack, cashew, cheese cubes and crackers, or garnier fructis, so why do that to us.

White organizations need to stop trying hard to get down with Blackness. Leave it to Black people to promote our culture as you embrace and learn from what we promote. We get it, Black Lives Matter and you all want to show love, but let Black people lead the pro-Black movement. White people taking on the role as leaders of this movement actually creates more harm than good. Pepsi tried it and ruined their own image with an ignorant portrayal of the Civil Rights movement. For once let Black people be the professor as you learn.

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