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If Black People Can't Be Christian, Here Is Why They Can't Be Muslim

There is this notion projected by Black nationalists and members of the Nation of islam, that berate Blacks who embrace Christianity. Remarks such as how can you be a Christian when it was forced on our ancestors during slavery are made. But is this notion correct or in error?

The other day I was strolling through my timeline and came across a meme that said, "Black people dropped the religion of Christianity because of slavery but turn around to embrace Islam." I said to myself, how true. Black nationalists and Muslims criticize Blacks for embracing Christianity because of the atrocities White Christians committed against us. Ironically, Black Muslims are silent about the atrocities the ancient Muslims committed against Africans as well.

Every ancient civilization practiced the institution of slavery; even African civilizations. As the world advanced slavery became a profitable industry pioneered by the Europeans, hence why they are scolded the most. In addition, they imperialized Africa which came with dehumanizing conditions. However, Blacks forget about the ancient Arabs' involvement in slavery which started years before the Europeans enslaved Africans.

For more than 600 years Africans were slaves to Islamic nations. According to historical documents, Africans enslaved in the Islamic world were used for domestic and commercial purposes, and were sexually abused. Surprisingly, Africans were not the only ones to be enslaved by Muslims. During the eighth and ninth centuries, the Europeans of that time were enslaved by the Fatimid Caliphate. Historians estimate about 20 million people from Europe, Africa and Asia were enslaved by Arab Muslims.

Prior to and after slavery came colonialism, an atrocity individuals believe was merely committed by Europeans. Northern Africa and parts of West and Eastern Africa were colonized by Muslims. The first invasion took place around 640 A.D. in Egypt under the command of Amr ibn al-'As. From there the Berber territory to its west, which Muslims called Bilād al-Maghrib which translates to land of the West, was conquered by various Muslim caliphates especially the Umayyad caliphate.

By the 19th century specifically the 1800s, the regions of Africa mentioned in the previous paragraph were conquered by Muslims (shown in the picture above). This was made possible because Muslims were seen as saviors from the Byzantines and other European societies that oppressed our ancestors. Little did our ancestor know, the Muslims had an agenda to gain control of Africa. Today there are few traces of Indigenous Africans in north Africa because of the genocide carried out by the Arabs.

This post is not meant to slander Islam. It was written to refute the flawed arguments against Christianity that are promoted by "woke" Blacks especially Black Muslims. I understand White Christians oppressed our ancestors, but Muslims also enslaved and colonized Africans. They even did to Africans what European Christians did to the native Americans. Today there are scarce traces of native Africans in north Africa. Last, Christianity was not originally European. It developed in north and east Africa and the middle east. Europeans gained control of Christianity and watered it down to the current version pro-Blacks and Black Muslims are against. To believe Christianity is a white man's religion we must abandon due to the wickedness of past white Christians, is an invalid argument against Christianity.

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